Under Brother Bob’s Outreach (BBO), there are four distinct areas that you could be part of. Volunteers are not limited to just one area of service.

To volunteer for any of these areas, please visit our contact page to let us know what you are interested in helping with.

Outside the Walls

Not everyone desires to enter prison walls and minister to inmates. This area of service involves directly impacting the lives of inmates, without having to enter an institution.

Letter writing:
Provide encouragement and discipleship to inmates through the mail.

Prayer Warriors:
Pray for God’s direction for the prisoners and their families, as well as our own ministry to them.

*All of these options are done anonymously or on a first name basis, through the ministry’s address.

Inside the Walls

Have an interest in volunteering in an institution? There are several areas.

Weekly Bible Studies:
Share, teach, and discuss God’s truth with searching men and women in institutions all over Wisconsin.

Weekly Worship:
Minister through music, personal testimonies, or sharing God’s word.

One-on One Discipleship:
Listening to and helping inmates deal with their individual spiritual needs.

Financial Support

Financial Support is needed and welcomed. We will be happy to send our financial reports upon request. Financial gifts can be sent to BBO at the address in the sidebar. All donations are tax-deductible and a total receipt will be sent at year-end.


This aspect of the ministry was started by Brother Bob to reach those inmates that do not come to Religious activities. Through the athlete’s actions and words we hope that those who watch and participate can see the light of the Lord through them. Christian athletes serve as a special witness through:

Men’s: Basketball, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball.